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About Us

Over 50 years of NZ made!

Bringing Kiwi families together since 1967

Fulfilling Kiwi dreams for over 50 years.

The Paramount Pools and Spas business is one of the largest and most experienced swimming pool and spa operations in the New Zealand. We are focused on providing exceptional service to our South Island customers.
Our origins go back to 1967 when the first Para Pool was designed in Christchurch and distributed throughout New Zealand making this product part of Kiwiana.
Many New Zealanders over several decades have learnt to swim in a Para Pool in their backyard, gained confidence in the water and became aware of water safety at a very early age.

Design improvements and enhancements

Design improvements and enhancements over the life of the Para Pool have stood the test of time, making the Paramount Pool range today one of the most affordable, quality swimming pools available in the New Zealand market. A quality swimming pool will enhance the aesthetic value of your property and provide the opportunity for the whole family, together with friends, to have memorable and fun occasions in your backyard. In 1993, the Pools & Spas business was transferred out of corporate ownership into a privately-owned company from a management buyout, and the business has traded successfully since that time as a New Zealand wholly-owned operation.

Sapphire Spas

The Sapphire Spa range was added to the product portfolio in 2019. These spas are manufactured to quality standards in Australia and have become one of the leading spa brands, being distributed from over 70 outlets throughout the Australian and New Zealand markets. Today the technology available with water pumps, filtration, chlorination, water heating and even water testing to measure the hygienic state of the pool or spa water has evolved, making the ownership of a swimming pool or spa simple. Contact the team at Paramount Pools & Spas to discuss your requirements.


  • Prompt and efficient service to exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • Quality products which have been proven in the swimming pool industry.
  • Knowledge and advice to ensure the customer’s experience is easy and satisfying.
  • After-sales service to ensure our customers gain confidence and knowledge to manage their swimming pool and spa, together with maintaining balanced and hygienic water quality, so the whole family can maximise the use and enjoyment of their pool or spa in their backyard.

Google Reviews

Quick and easy pool water analysis. All the pool chemicals handy. Good independent advice.
Trudi Meyer
Trudi Meyer
We've been getting good advice and good service for many, many years. Plenty of folks are around to quickly load up our regular chlorine purchase. Obtaining pool maintenance supplies is easy, with convenient parking and efficient accounting.
Linda Garrett
Linda Garrett
Great place, helpful friendly staff!
Very helpful, great advice.good customer service.
Keith Robinson
Keith Robinson
Very good service & products.
Snappy service, quick to do business, then be on my way!
Great service today from Tom he helped me with everything I reqiured.Highly recommended.Thank you
Alex Fedoruk
Alex Fedoruk
Just had a new spa installed by Pat and his team. Our location was difficult to reach with a window even having to be removed to get the spa inside. Pat is a fantastic project manager. All our friends who lent a hand guiding the spa into place commented what a well thought out plan Pat had for a very tricky installation. We also got a heat pump added for extra energy savings. Top-class product & installation from a top-class team. Highly recommended.
Pat and the team are fantastic.After a poor experience with another spa outlet in town, I was hesitant. However, Paramount do exactly what they say they will, when they say they will do it! Great service, great products, and a can do attitude. Highly recommended.
Luke Thomas
Luke Thomas
good customer service
Wonderful service today, the young guy that served us was very knowledgeable and helpful. We will be back.
Emily Burn
Emily Burn
Very helpful service and good patient advice for new pool owners.
James Nell
James Nell
Really fantastic work by Pat and his great team. We had a problem at changeover from an initial chlorine pool to saltwater pool. Pat and the entire team supported us through the journey of problem identification, solution and delivery. It was only through their patience working with our specific issue we have been able to find a solution. Thanks heaps, great work and highly, highly recommended.
Steve Abley
Steve Abley
Impressive advice given by Pat. He could sell ice to Eskimos !
Anthony Connell
Anthony Connell
Pat and his team are brilliant. They are always so helpful and have in-depth knowledge about anything to do with pools. We run a small commercial pool and need levels to be spot-on. They go the extra mile. I can't recommend them enough!
As a first time spa buyer, I had a fabulous experience dealing with Pat Keogh and his team, from Paramount Pools. No hard sales pressure. The spa purchased has ticked all requirements and more. Pat delivered the spa on site and followed up with full operation instructions.Spa was installed in the morning and I was relaxing in the pool the same evening, with family.Pat willing shared his knowledge and experience freely. Talked in plan language that was easy to understand, when explaining about treatment and chemicals for the pool.No complaints from us.
Bronwyn Jeffs
Bronwyn Jeffs
Needed help and advice on an old leaking hot tub. Manager came out and happily gave advice and history on my tub. Customer service was fantastic and they even had the old vintage parts I needed. Well impressed
nicholas vertue
nicholas vertue
Excellent to deal with, and great knowledge of their products. Staff are friendly and very helpful. They fitted new heat pump and filter system after it was completely destroyed by a house fire and did a very tidy and professional job.Thank you Paramount team👍🙂
Jessie Jones
Jessie Jones


We aim to provide a superior quality of service to our customers.

    Proudly Kiwi Owned and Operated with origins that date all the way back to 1910.

    Heat Pumps

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    Salt Chlorinators

    Salt water pools are becoming more and more popular. A salt pool sanitizes the water with chlorine just like other pools. The difference between them is in how the chlorine is added to the pool.

    Pool covers and rollers

    We stock a great range of pool cover rollers. From hidden or automatic pool covers, to the more cost-effective stationary or mobile pool rollers. What ever you are looking for, we will have one for you.

    Pool liners

    A swimming pool liner is a vinyl surface that is attached to the walls and floor of a pool in order to help keep in the water, improve the looks of a pool and to provide a more inviting surface for users. We have many options available, contact us for details.

    Automated Cleaners

    Automatic cleaners are a great option for most types of pools. It has a suction hose that floats at the top of the surface as the cleaner moves around the pool floor picking up leaves and dirt. They are easy to use and will make keeping your pool clean so much easier.

    Pool cleaning equipment

    We stock all the pool cleaning equipment you will ever need. No mater what you are looking for, we will most likely have it on hand. Did we mention that we also do FREE water testing?


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